Job Details

Teacher Position Through Alternative Teacher Certification Program (ATCP)

Alternative Teacher Certification Program – To be eligible, you must possess a bachelor’s degree, apply and be admitted to the Graudate School, and pass the TX PACT exam in desired area of content area.  Once admitted into ATCP, you will begin teaching in y our very own classroom as the “Teacher of Record/Intern” with a full teacher salary for the 2023-2024 school year.

ATCP + panther TERM – Master’s Degree Program, Teaching certification Additional Mentoring Support, Professional Development. and $50-59K Stipend. Enter the classroom as a “Residential Intern” training alongside an experienced mentor teacher’s classroom for the 2023-2024 school year.Receive various forms of support throughout your residency (salary, student loan forgiveness, instructional coaches. etc.)  Post residency, you will continue to fulfill the M.Ed. course/requirements, remain in the district for an additional three years as a teacher of record, and participate in program inductin and support.


Post expires at 10:20pm on Monday July 31st, 2023